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That’s how much illegal border crossings have dropped in Yuma, Arizona after a fence was put up.
Seems pretty darn efficient.
President Trump’s aggressive bid to build a wall on the nation’s southern border faces several hurdles on the ground, including endangered species, sacred tribal native territory and the likely use of eminent domain to take privately owned land, according to border experts.
But a wall built near Yuma, Ariz., proved so successful that illegal crossings were slashed 94 percent, according to Senate testimony previewed by Secrets and expected to be given today to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.
Firmly stating that walls work and also help to preserve areas overrun with illegal immigration, the nation’s former Border Patrol chief and former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection cited several issues that could entangle the Trump plan.
In prepared testimony, David Aguilar called on Congress to “waive all legal requirements,” but noted several problems that could break the wall.
More from Daily Caller:
An official said that 126,472 individuals have been apprehended attempting to enter the country illegally between January and the end of July, which is a 46 percent decrease from 2016. The official added that apprehensions of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors has fallen 54 percent to 14,282.
Meanwhile, interior enforcement has increased with more than 91,000 arrests from ICE between January and August, an increase of more than 43 percent since 2016. Deportations are down compared to last year under President Obama, and The Daily Caller previously reported that this is likely due to a heavy backlog in the immigration court system.
Let’s go, liberals. Get on board.

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