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Flannel Caterpillar 
Flannel Moth

Hubbard's Silk Caterpillar

Hubbard's Silk Moth

Monkey Slug

Monkey Slug Moth

Dalceridae Slug

Also known as the jewel slug

Dalceridae Moth

Curve-Lined Owlet Caterpillar

Curve-Lined Owlet Moth

Arsenura Caterpillar

Arsenura Moth

Great Orange Tipped Caterpillar

Great Orange Tipped Butterfly

Cobra Caterpillar

Cobra Moth

Saturniidae Caterpillar

Saturniidae Moth

The Spun Glass Caterpillar

The Spun Glass Moth

Wattle Cup Caterpillar

Wattle Cup Moth

Big Headed Caterpillar

Big Headed Moth

Sycamore Moth

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