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Most would find setting up home among tombstones containing corpses somewhat bleak - but there are thousands of people in the Philippines living in a huge cemetery who appear to be perfectly happy.
The unique settlement - called North Cemetery - is located in Manilla, the capital of the Philippines, and it even has its own school and transport system.
According to a Russian photographer who documented life there, its residents 'don't have a penny, but are still smiling'.

It is estimated that around 6,000 people call it home - living, eating and working among tombstones still occupied with the dead.
Photographer Anton Afanasyev, 30, from Nizhny Novgorod, specifically travelled to the south-east Asian country to document the lives of people in the makeshift town.
He said: 'Walking through the city you sometimes think that you are in some surreal place or in another world - as you can see normal life, but among the tombs.'
Anton says he had to request a special permit from the city's administration to visit the town.
Once inside, he found that life follows a similar pattern to every other town in the world.

Many have made their homes, shops and business around the granite tombstones that dominate every space of the town.
Anton added: 'Most of the cemetery dwellers earn their living working right here - doing everything connected to burial services such as digging and coffin making.
'Everywhere you looked, everyday events were occurring - despite the setting. Someone is washing their clothes, someone is fixing a chair, another cooking food.
'They even have their own transport system called Jeepneys, which are modified American military jeeps.
'The children entertained themselves as like any others around the world - with places to play football and basketball.'

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