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President Donald Trump’s admiration for Russian President Vladimer Putin has resulted in waves of wealthy Russians traveling to Trump properties to give birth.
“While Trump rails against U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants, his Florida properties have become a playground for birth tourists from Russia’s upper crust,” Katie Zavadski reported. for The Daily Beast. “The Florida Trump properties are convenient options for wealthy Russians who can afford it. They are notorious for being investment properties for Russia’s hyper-wealthy, a safe place to store savings in U.S. dollars. And birth-tourism companies offer Trump apartments as part of packages costing upwards of $75,000.”
Trump does not criticize the “anchor babies” being born in his properties and is viewed as being welcoming — in contrast to his Border Wall posture.
“The president’s affection for Vladimir Putin and accommodating stance on Russia have had a trickledown effect: a Russian baby boom centered on Trump’s Miami properties,” Kali Holloway reported. “Wealthy Russian couples not only want to give their babies the dividends that come with American citizenship, they want their birthing experience to be as luxurious as possible. Trump properties offer high-end digs, as well as a brand now recognized as extremely hospitable to all things Russian.”
As Trump is infamously aware due to his promotion of the birther conspiracy theoryagainst President Obama, there are benefits to US citizenship.
“SVM-MED, a Miami birth-tourism company that also boasts outposts in Moscow and Kiev, offers three tiers of packages to its clients, with the top two advertising lodging in Trump Towers,” The Beast reported. “The most expensive package costs $84,700 for a Trump Tower II apartment with a gold-tiled bathtub and chauffeured Cadillac Escalade or Mercedes Benz.”
Not unlike those Trump wants to keep out with his border wall, the Russians just want a better life for their children.
“These families have no plans to work in the U.S. or pay U.S. taxes as their child grows. Rather, U.S. citizenship is an extra security blanket that the wealthy give themselves after months-long vacations on Miami’s beaches,” The Beast explained. “It also gives their kids a shot at financial aid at U.S. schools and easier access to jobs in the U.S. After the child turns 21, he or she can also apply for family reunification, to get her parents and non-citizen siblings green cards to come to the U.S.”

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