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A story of a guy named Kevin whose friends made a cardboard cutout of him and took it on a birthday trip because his girlfriend didn't let him go, hit Reddit and some of the big news sites like DailyMail just recently. The only problem with it, it was a big "prank" from the start or in other words, it's a fake.
Those guys posted photos of them on the birthday trip with cardboard Kevin clubbing and chilling but they left out some of the important details, like Kevin said "no" to his surprise birthday weekend when was offered, because at the time they suggested it his second daughter had just been born and he didn't want to be away for three days from his family. So basically, his friends planned all this trip to just bring cardboard Kevin with them, which didn't include real Kevin at all.
And the cardboard cutout of him was actually... wait for it... his birthday present! Yay... And as Kevin said himself: "as icing on the shit-cake they made me for my birthday, they decided to publicly shame my fiancé in front of millions of strangers.
"Oh yeah, and Kevin wants nothing to do with them anymore.
If you want to know more details about it, go here.
Photos they made are fun though. Check them out.

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