Iranian Women Are Being Arrested For Posing For Photos Without Headscarves (14 pics)

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Iranian police arrest models, photographers and makeup artists in Iran claiming that they target “Un-Islamic acts." They use Instagram accounts of women to track them. There have been at least eight arrests so far. The police say that posing for photos without a headscarf is "pornography..." 
The dragnet operation involved 170 people including 58 models, 59 photographers, and makeup artists. At least eight arrests have been confirmed so far. The police also detained a few artists and poets to round out the initiative.

In recent years, Iranian women — especially in the capital, Tehran — have skirted the rules by wearing the mandatory scarf loosely on their head, drawing the anger of conservatives in the Islamic Republic.

Women can easily drop the scarf to snap a photo. The police chief, Gen. Hossein Sajedinia, is not taking this rebellion lightly. Maj. Dickhead Hossein just announced that his department has deployed 7,000 male and female officers for a new plainclothes division — the largest such undercover assignment in memory — to enforce the government-mandated Islamic dress code.

This isn’t the first time Iran has gone berserk over minor cultural rebellion. In 2014, police arrested a group of Iranian women for posting a video online of themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.” The group involved each received suspended sentences of 6 months’ imprisonment and 91 lashes.

Shield your eyes, all you hard-liners in Tehran. Iranian women without headscarves…

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