Is Melania Leaving President Trump? After Body Double Rumors, You Can Now Bet On it

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First lady Melania Trump is now 25 percent more likely to dump her husband, the president, before the end of the year, thanks to this week's body double rumors, an Irish bookmaker said Wednesday.
Paddy Power had offered bettors 16-1 odds that the Trumps would move from Washington to Splitsville — but dropped those odds to 12-1 after online conspiracists floated the notion that the first lady is sending a stand-in to pose next to her husband.
“It looks like a case of Donald Dumped, if the conspiracy theorists are anything to go by,” a spokesman for the company said in a release. 
The October 13 "Doublegate" incident included questions about the first lady's height, hair, nose and sunglasses, but was also fueled by an awkward comment by the president himself.
“My wife, Melania," he said, quickly adding, "who happens to be right here.”
The Washington Post debunked the rumors on Wednesday, but social media is not as easily convinced that the rumors are false. And the hashtag #MelaniaBodyDouble continued to trend on Wednesday with users claiming that the first lady’s body double was the Terminator, her bodyguard or mouthy lead Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler.  
So naturally, the bookies have followed suit. And it's not the first time Paddy Power has offered odds on this administration's comings and, perhaps, goings. The bookmaker is offering 2/1 odds, for example, that Trump will be impeached before the end of the year, and 6/1 by the end of 2018.
The bookmaker will also pay out 33/1 if the President confirms the body double rumor, and has made it an 8/1 shot that Melania Trump takes up with another man during the first term.
The smart money is always on the house, but all bets are off with this White House.

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