Mother Sends An Invoice To Her Son For Being An A hole (6 pics)

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If your grown son is ungrateful, just send him a bill to show him what he costs you. This is what one mother from Toronto did.

Her son Kevin, 23, (the real name has been changed) has been living with her rent-free for the last 13 months while saving up to buy his own house with his girlfriend (who also lives at the house). But when his mother asked him to help her apply for a health benefit for his 22-year-old brother, Kevin refused. His mother got frustrated as Kevin didn't want to participate at something that family needed, so she decided to show him how much he benefited from living with her. She sent him an invoice called "Unappreciative Son" which totalled $39,254.17.

Some of the costs on the invoice make sense:
Hydro and utilities: $1,252
Tuition for 5 years of education: $23,550

Health benefit premiums: $5,726
But it’s the next one that’s the kicker.

There was $1,000 charge for "Being an a**hole and not appreciative of your mother’s support financially or otherwise." Even though Kevin's mother doesn't expect her son to honor the bill, Kevin said that it was a wake-up call for him.

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