Secret Places On A Plane Where Flight Attendants And Pilots Can Rest And Relax (14 pics)

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These places are pretty cool, especially those for the pilots. Most Boeing 777 and 787 planes actually have a secret stairway that takes you to a tiny set of rooms for the crew. They’re usually behind the cockpit and above first class.
Here’s an example of the secret stairway.

Even sneakier, some planes have a secret hatch that looks like one of the bins where you store your luggage.

This is a sign that actually tells passengers about this ‘secret’ bedroom, but who reads those?

Although they have no windows and they’re cramped, there are still 8 beds so the flight attendants can get some rest. This is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

On the Boeing 777, the overhead can fit up to 10 bunks, and even has personal storage space for the crew.

Pilots are lucky enough to have their own sleeping area, with two roomy beds and two business-class seats. Depending on the airline they can even sometimes have room for a closet, sink or bathroom.

The best are usually 6 feet long and 2 and a half feet wide and are separated by heavy curtains.

Speaking of separation, there’s as sign that strictly prohibits more than one person per bunk… so no mile-high action here…. *wink wink*

Usually the bunks come with blankets, pillows and sometimes lucky crew members can score some pajamas.
Some even have entertainment systems.

This one inside Air Canada’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a flat, open sleeping area.

Some airlines (the American Airlines Boeing 773 for example) have beds on each side of an aisle, kind of like a cruise ship.

Others have bunk beds, like summer camp.

Singapore’s Airbus A380 gets even fancier with silk pillows.
This makes those overnight flights seem even worse, knowing the attendants are cozy upstairs while you’re in the middle seat trying not to bump arms with the stranger next to you.

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