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Ken Kawamoto, who is the inventor of the Tempescope, is a software engineer during the day. He loves to push the limits and pushes himself to, “break the barrier between the digital world and the real world.”

The Tempescope will create actual raindrops, clouds, along with lightning, thunder, and of course sunlight. You can choose to have it display the weather forecast or you can choose to have it display real time weather as well.

It pulls information from forecasts and weather apps that are found on the internet. At this time though, the weather box does not create snow.

Kawamoto started working on this project in 2012 on the weekends. He lives in Japan on the Okinawa Isles where there is a lot of rain. His original goal was to find a way to always have sunshine inside, while still having the occasional tropical storm. He created the original prototype using a shampoo bottle that he purchased for $1.00.

Kawamoto actually released all of the specs for the Tempescope on an open source platform, so if you have any technical skills, you can make one for yourself.

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