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On Thursday, a 32-year-old Florida man was convicted of the 2014 quadruple murders of his ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend and her parents, according to multiple news reports.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Adam Matos fatally shot two victims and beat the other two to death with a hammer. He now faces the death penalty for the slayings in Hudson, Florida.

Matos showed no visible reaction to the guilty verdicts, which came a day after he confessed to the killings from the witness stand, the paper reports. Sentencing in the case begins Monday.
Matos committed the crime with his 4-year-old son inside the home, reports the Morning Call. Matos fatally shot ex-girlfriend Megan Brown, 27, who is the child’s mother, along with Brown’s 52-year-old father, Greg Brown, according to WTSP. 

Megan’s new boyfriend, 37-year-old Nick Leonard, was beaten to death with a hammer. Matos also used a hammer to fatally beat Megan’s mother, 52-year-old Margaret Brown.
According to the Tampa Bay TimesMatos testified in court on Wednesday that paranoia played a part in the killings, which he also claimed were in self-defense.
The bodies of the four victims were found stacked on a berm alongside a nearby road.
The paper claims Matos left his child, who has autism, at Megan’s parents’ home with the corpses while he went to purchase a shovel he planned to bury them with.

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