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June 27, 1965: According to the photo, this is the unveiling of the first BART car. 
March 11, 1966: This is Martin Kelley and C.L. Gallimore, two of the head engineers behind the BART Transbay Tube, displaying some plans.
Oct. 7, 1966: This photo shows the enormity of the Transbay Tube sections.The Transbay Tube was completed in 1969.
Oct. 24, 1966: BART construction was a trial for commuters throughout the Bay Area.Market Street was especially hard hit, because they had to reroute all of the infrastructure underneath the street before they put in the subway. This photo was taken at the corner of Market & Montgomery.
July 24, 1967:According to the BART timeline the official construction of the Market Street subway began a day later on July 25, 1967. 
April 28, 1968: This 324-foot-long section of Transbay Tube gets towed past a train bridge, about a year before the tube was completed. 
Sept. 30, 1968
Nov. 7, 1969: Bay Area citizens on a walking tour through the unfinished tunnels.
Sept. 12, 1972: This was taken on the second day of passenger service. At the time, BART only served from Fremont to Oakland, with eight trains that were two or three cars long.
Oct. 18, 1972:This was the scene in Lan Leandro (sic) today as President Nixon and General Manager B.R. Stokes ... got set to board a BART train for a ride to Oakland. The President was in California for a day of campaigning." Nixon would later walk off the train at the Lake Merritt station.
Nov. 6, 1973: People still find BART confusing.
Sept 14, 1974: This was taken at the Montgomery Street station less than a year after service from Daly City to San Francisco started, and two days before the beginning on transbay service
Feb. 2, 1978
Jan. 26, 1982: This pair of Ford trucks  are combing the BART tracks for a periodic cleaning and maintenance.

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