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Amid the dizzying amount of criminal allegations surrounding President Trump and Hillary Clinton, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask Trump supporters why they think Clinton should be impeached, although she holds no public office.
In the segment that aired Tuesday night, the show's staff fielded similar answers from a handful of Americans who felt Clinton should definitely be impeached, although many were unable to say list any crimes she has been charged with.
“Girl, I’m not a political person at all so I really have no clue,” a woman told one of the show's correspondents after saying Clinton should be impeached.  Impeached
“That’s like a wide range of crimes, political crimes, I think human crimes, the list could go on," another man replied when asked what crimes the Democratic nominee was guilty of.
Another man said, “Extortion, treason, if there was a Benedict Arnold law it’d be her.”
Clinton came under fire following the discovery of her connection to the unverified dossier containing salacious material about Trump's alleged ties with Russia, in addition to the familiar issue of her missing emails during the 2016 presidential election.
However, charges have yet to surface from these allegations, and Clinton wouldn't be able to be impeached anyway -- as she has never served as president. 
Eventually one person in the show's clip onto the fact.
“If she broke the law and they found out that she – oh, impeached? No, Hillary ain’t even in office,” the last man questioned said. “Never mind, you’re trying to get me.”

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