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Intresting things about space as shown by Chris Hadfield.

Wringing out a soaked washcloth

Nails must be clipped over an air duct to prevent them from floating around

Astronauts use tortillas instead of bread for sandwiches to avoid crumbs

When brushing your teeth, the only way to get rid of toothpaste is to swallow it

Astronauts have specially designed barf bags to keep vomit completely contained

You can’t use water when shaving so astronauts use a special shaving cream that helps keep hairs from floating away

To cut their hair in space, astronauts use a hair clipper attached to a vacuum to prevent hair from floating away

Desserts in space mostly come in pudding form packed in pouches. This is chocolate pudding cake

Vegetables come in dehydrated packs and require rehydration from a special machine before eating. This is spinach

To wash their hands, astronauts use a pre-packaged pouch of soapy water

This is what a can of mixed nuts in space looks like 

Sleeping in space requires specially tethered sleeping bags in small sleeping compartments so you don’t float everywhere 

If you cry in space it will stay on your face

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