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North Korea is a hellhole. It has been for a long time. The liberal media didn’t really pay much attention to North Korea over the last decade or so. Obama was in charge so the media wasn’t really big on actually reporting on foreign policy in a responsible way.
Now that Trump is president, the left has had to wake up again and catch up on everything they missed and there is clearly a lot about North Korea that they simply don’t understand.
Don’t take my word for it. NBC did a great job explaining that reality over the weekend.
Oh yeah? Trump is responsible for North Korean famines, huh?
Nice try.
1 million people died during the 1990s due to famine in North Korea. I don’t think Trump was president then.
Here’s one woman’s story of what it was like to live there during the time.
From The Guardian:
When I lived in North Korea I never thought I was suffering from malnutrition – even though I was not very healthy at the time. Perhaps that is because everyone was in a similar situation. And I was shadowed by my younger sister, who suffered from critical malnutrition, so my health was not a concern.
My little sister went to kindergarten then, and she occasionally collapsed just while walking on the street. Then one day even her eyesight started deteriorating. She could not see anything at night. She could not even pick up her rice bowl. My mother could not do anything but shed tears looking at her, and my father did not know because, as always, he was always away (with the military) and busy with work.
Even in those hungry, painful days, there were some happy events we waited for.
The days we ate pine bark cake were like Christmas to us. If you remove the thick, tough outer layer of pine trees, there’s another layer before you get to the white flesh of the tree. There’s a thin brown film between the outer skin and the white core. People peel off that thin film and pound it into fine powder. Then they add a couple tablespoons of flour to make a cake. So, basically, it is a cake made with tree bark and it actually tasted quite decent.
That’s just one example of many, many, many examples of famine in North Korea over the last couple decades.
From The Atlantic:
When North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died of a coronary this weekend after 17 years in power, the homuncular tyrant left his country much as he found it — poor and desperately hungry.
For the last two decades, North Korea has grappled with food crisis upon food crisis, the result of a dysfunctional government and its erratic leader. In 1994, the year Kim inherited North Korea’s reins from his late father, the country was in the midst of a severe agricultural decline. The newly minted despot transformed it into a famine that would claim as many as three million lives. Food shortages have plagued the country ever since.
It begs the question: How did one man starve a nation of roughly 23 million people? The answer: By clinging to a broken economic system designed to do little but ensure his own survival.
The point here is that there has been famine in North Korea long before Trump. In fact, famine is the status quo in North Korea.
Implying that Trump is somehow responsible for what Kim Jong un does is nothing more than media malpractice.

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