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Trump supporting ex-Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is complaining that left wingers have been trying to get his Twitter account shut down.
Clarke received an email detailing the complaint from Twitter Sunday. It arrived after Clarke posted a tweet Saturday that showed his face superimposed on a wrestler’s body kicking another with the CNN logo superimposed over his face.
Alongside the image Clarke urged people to punch the media “in the nose & MAKE THEM TASTE THEIR OWN BLOOD.” 
Former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, David Clarke Jr., leaves the stage after speaking at the NRA-ILA's Leadership Forum at the 146th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits on April 28, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott Olson/Getty Images
The email from Twitter said Clarke’s tweet was investigated but wasn’t found to violate the social media platform’s terms of service, which bar users from inciting violence. Late last month Twitter updated its rules to ban “content that glorifies violence or the perpetrators of a violent act.”
In a seperate tweet Saturday he said he would poke the media "in the eye with a sharp stick and bitch slap these scum bags til they get it." 
“Diaper wearing lefty didn’t like my metaphor reference to punching LYING LIB MEDIA in the nose. Twitter said no violation. Duh,” Clarke wrote in tweet in a series of messages going after the media Sunday.
Clarke lashed out at CNN and the media at large in his tweet Saturday after Robert Snell, a federal court reporter with The Detroit Newsreported that the former sheriff was the subject of an FBI investigation. 
Snell posted documents detailing a search warrant dated March 21 for Clarke’s Google email account. Clarke called this "fake news" because he is no longer being investigated. 
The investigation stemmed from the detention of a man named Daniel Black in Milwaukee in January 2017 after he exchanged words with Clarke during a flight.
Black sued Clarke last February alleging that he started the confrontation and deprived him of his rights by detaining and interrogating him afterward. Clarke’s deputies were waiting for Black after the two disembarked the plane and took him into custody.
Clarke has distributed a letter dated in May from the Department of Justice to LawNewz that states the DOJ did not have enough evidence to bring a case against him in court. The former Sheriff resigned from his position in August.
Clarke ran for Sheriff and is registered as a Democrat, but he has acted as a spokesman for President Donald Trump’s messages on immigration and law enforcement campaigning for him and speaking at rallies.

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