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The next time you’re thinking about traveling, consider the most (and least) expensive airports to fly out of in the country. If possible, fly out of one of the least expensive airports to save money. If that’s not an option, consider cost-saving tips for flying and these additional tips for making air travel as stress-free as possible. One thing is for sure, air travel is not what it used to be.

The rating system, explained

RewardExpert judges airports on four categories — No. 1) Getting to/from the airport, No. 2) Ticket prices, No. 3) Amenities, and No. 4) Food — to determine if they’re cheap or expensive. Each airport is ranked on a weighted scale of 0 to 100, 100 being the most favorable travel conditions. For an in-depth scoring explanation, read the methodology. We’ll start with the least expensive airports and work our way up to the most expensive.

Least expensive: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, FLL

The least expensive airport to fly out of in the country is the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Average flight prices are low, one ticket costing $241.80 in 2016. The amenities offered by the airport are unique increasing its score. Luggage storage is a service the airport still offers, according to RewardExpert. 

Least expensive: McCarran International Airport, LAS 

Coming in second place among the least expensive airports to fly out of is the McCarran International Airport. However, this Las Vegas airport takes first place for least expensive plane fare. The average ticket cost is $227.50, a full $14.30 less than the average flight at Fort Lauderdale’s airport. Transportation costs are low here too. A bus costs $2, a taxi $20, and parking $10 for the day, RewardExpert says. airport. 

Least expensive: Orlando International Airport, MCO 

Taking home bronze is the Orlando International Airport. This Florida city’s airport ranks third among the least expensive airports to fly out of in America. Free Wi-Fi and an average flight cost of $253.90 makes Orlando one of the most affordable airports to fly out of in America. For $40, travelers can shower in the airport lounges facilities. 

Least expensive: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, PHX 

Travel out of Phoenix if you live in Arizona. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport ranks fourth for their affordable food and transportation. Daily parking costs $7, a bus ride costs $2, and a taxi is approximately $20 from downtown Phoenix, according to RewardExpert. Because daily parking is so expensive, there’s no need to use Uber, Lyft, or a taxi service to get to the airport if you have a car. 

Least expensive: Tampa International Airport, TPA 

Tampa airport is clean and relatively small compared to other airports. In my personal opinion, it’s easy to navigate. Domestic flights cost $312.20 leaving from Tampa. Again, transportation is a big contributing factor to affordability. Taxis are $25 from downtown and bus fare is $2. 

Least expensive: San Jose International Airport, SJC 

Save money by flying out of San Jose if you’re in central California. The average domestic fare will cost $322.70. A taxi from downtown will run you an additional $15, cheaper than Tampa and Phoenix. For those parking their cars, a daily pass is $15. 

Least expensive: Denver International Airport, DEN 

“Low cost and delicious,” is how RewardExpert describes this airport’s food. Restaurants include national chains and restaurants unique to Colorado. Food is affordable and yummy. Denver gets top scores on the site’s Airport Dining Scorecard too. Not only does Denver offer travelers inexpensive food, the average cost of a domestic flight is relatively affordable too. In 2016, the average flight cost $312. 

Least expensive: Oakland International Airport, OAK 

Another option for California natives, is flying out of the Oakland International Airport. Fare costs $303, $100 less than in nearby San Francisco. Other airports worth mentioning are the Portland International Airport, PDX and the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, MSY. Both are affordable airports to take off from. 

Most expensive: Newark Liberty International Airport, EWR  

The most expensive airport to fly out of in the country is the Newark Liberty International Airport. On average, one ticket costs $429.80. Not only are tickets expensive, Newark has the most expensive food out of any airport on this list. To make matters worse, Wi-Fi isn’t free. 

Most expensive: John F. Kennedy International Airport, JFK 

Coming in second place among the most expensive airports to fly out of is the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Average domestic fare will set you back $396.10.Wi-Fi comes at an additional cost as does public transportation. The airport offers few low-cost food items. 

Most expensive: Washington Dulles International Airport, IAD 

Flying out of Washington, D.C. is the third most expensive airport to fly out of in America. The average plane fare is $443.40. This is the most expensive average cost in the country, RewardExpert says. A taxi from the airport to downtown will cost a whopping $70. 

Most expensive: Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, MSP 

Flying out of this Midwestern state will cost you a pretty penny. Average domestic fare will run you $386.40. Food options are expensive in the airport, with very few low-cost eateries. Another factor to consider if you fly out of this airport, Wi-Fi. It’s not free. 

Most expensive: Los Angeles International Airport, LAX 

Taking the No. 5 spot among the most expensive airports to fly out of is the Los Angeles International Airport, more commonly known as LAX. Wi-Fi costs $9.95, the most expensive of any American airport. On top of expensive Wi-Fi, ticket prices are costly. The average domestic fare costs $355.90. 

Most expensive: Charlotte Douglas International Airport, CLT 

Expensive food and pricey plane tickets lands Charlotte at No. 6 on the list of most expensive airports to fly out of in America. The average plane ticket costs $415.90, putting Charlotte close to Newark for plane fare. Food is also expensive at the airport. The airport’s saving grace is that Wi-Fi is free. 

Most expensive: St. Louis Lambert International Airport, STL 

Unlimited Wi-Fi comes at a cost in St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport. “70% [percent] of the country’s biggest airports offer free and unlimited Wi-Fi,” RewardExpert says. Clearly, it’s time for the other 30 percent to offer free Wi-Fi to travelers. The average plane ticket will set you back $362.70. 

Most expensive: George Bush Intercontinental Airport, IAH 

Flying out of Houston is very costly. The average cost of a domestic flight is $431.40. The cost puts the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in second place for highest domestic fares in the country. Transportation to and from the airport is costly too, unless you take the bus. Taking the No. 9 and No. 10 spots are the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport, AUS and LaGuardia Airport, LGA. Steer clear of these airports if at all possible.

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