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Melissa Dohme was stabbed 30 times by her ex-boyfriend when she was 20 years old but even this horrific story has a silver lining. 
When paramedics came to Dohme’s rescue, one of the first responders was Cameron Hill who told Tampa Bay Time, “You couldn’t tell she was blond” because she was so drenched in blood.

Luckily, Dohme’s life was saved, though she was left with several scars and more hurdles to overcome.

She never gave up hope and continued to push forward in her physical and speech therapy.

This is a comparative photo of the inspiring young woman, exactly two years apart.
Dohme has even gone on to become an active member of a local nonprofit group that aims to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Dohme has proven that she is not a victim, but a survivor.

She hasn’t allowed the traumatic experience to hinder her chances at love, either.

One of Melissa’s rescuers at the scene of the crime was a man named Cameron who she later had the chance to meet and thank.

It has been three years since the attack and she celebrated the anniversary by throwing a pitch at the Tampa Bay baseball game recently.

Little did she know, but Cameron had a very romantic surprise for her too and proposed! Of course she said yes!

"He's the one I've been waiting for. My fairy tale."

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