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Darius Sasnauskas lives near Yellowstone National Park and had the privilege of witnessing the birth of two baby deer. One fawn was injured and the mother abandoned her in the wild but Darius saved her and now the pair are inseparable.

Darius witnessed the birth of 2 baby deer in his backyard, but unfortunately, one of them had an injury.

The injured deer couldn’t keep up with her family and was left behind – her mother never came back.

“With so many predators around, she had no chance to survive on her own,” said Darius.

He brought the baby deer in and made her a home-made leg brace from an oatmeal box.

Darius fed her every 4 hours and his dog helped out by repeatedly licking the fawn’s face.

Soon the baby deer learned to walk again.

“She’s already used to me, and she follows me…but nobody can replace her real mom”.

Darius tried to release her back to the wild many times, but she always returned to him.

Finally, one evening the mom showed up and the baby deer rejoined her family; a few months later Darius spotted her once again, growing up fast and enjoying her life to the fullest.

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