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There are many places on Earth where people are probably just not meant to be. They are scary glimpses of hell and horror that should be tucked away and stay that way. But, if you’re feeling brave (or crazy) it would be easy to visit any of these places on this list. 
The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan: The large, fiery pit was originally a gas field that was set on fire by Soviet scientists, because they thought that would be a fine idea. It has been burning continuously now for over 40 years.

For some reason, spiders are drawn to this real-life Hellmouth and swarm there by the thousands.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico: This place is a mostly uninhabited island in Xochimilco, Mexico. According to the legend, a girl died in the canals surrounding the island.

After her death, dolls began to wash ashore. Then, the one inhabitant began hanging the dolls as a tribute to the deceased child.

Centralia, Pennsylvania: Centralia is the real-life Silent Hill (and the movie was based on this location, right down to the creepy church). It was once a mining town until the coal veins under the city accidentally caught fire.

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