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An off-duty State Police trooper saved the life of a choking newborn over the weekend, officials said Monday. 
Trooper Robert Meyer was asleep at his Piscatwaway home Saturday afternoon when the grandmother of a two-week-old girl rushed to his house in search of help for the baby who was blue and struggling to breathe, police said.
Meyer had worked an overnight shift and the grandmother went to his house because she spotted his patrol car outside the home, according to a State Police Facebook post.
"Without putting on a pair of shoes, Trooper Meyer immediately responded to his neighbor's home," State Police said.
Meyer used a bulb syringe to clear the baby's nose and mouth, which police say was blocked by mucus.
"We attempted to pat on her back, she wasn't doing anything," Meyer told ABC News 7. "I asked if anyone had any suction that I'd be able to use to clear her airways. Luckily the dad did have one."
The newborn was later treated and released from the hospital the same day. She didn't suffer serious injuries, police said.
The baby threw up during a feeding and was choking on vomit and mucus, Meyer told the news station.
The State Police tweeted a picture of Meyer holding the infant girl Monday with the hashtag #MondayMotivation.

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