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Daniel Angeli is a French photographer also known as “The King of Paparazzi.” Angeli began his career as a laboratory assistant of DALMAS agency. He quickly was sent on assignment by Dalmas to Orly airport where he was supposed to photograph the stars of the world arriving in the French capital.

On 3 June 1962, Angeli was at the airport when the Air France plane crashed in the attempt to depart the Olly Airport. He captured the drama  at the airport caused by the event. His photos made the cover pages and that was the big boom in his career. In 1968, Daniel Angeli opened his news agency ANGELI.

“I’d be a fool not to click the shutter when I surprise a famous person at their worst, a star in the nude or some celebrity couple. For three reasons: first, somebody else would get the picture; second, I’d lose a lot of money; and, finally, because I’d miss out on the fun. I love this job. And I do it the best I can. There’s no hypocrisy at play: everyone in this profession is on the lookout for pictures like this. A good reporter has to be a good paparazzo or else he should stick with still lifes.

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