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 EvilEnglish made a once in a lifetime discovery while he was going through his grandparent’s farmhouse in Tennessee. He came across a mystery safe that was buried in the floor of a closet. He said, “I always dreamed of finding something like this”. His grandfather used to read him books such asTreasure Island to him when he was younger, so this discovery seems more than fitting. Thankfully for us, EvilEnglish documented the entire discovery process for us to see. His dad had recently passed away, but when his grandparents passed away they gave his dad this old farmhouse. His grandfather liked to collect antique firearms, while his grandmother liked to collect coins and other nick nacks. They knew that there was some of this left over in the home, but they thought they had found it all until they came across this hidden treasure.
The door leading to the closet where the mystery safe was discovered.
The safe was hidden under this dirty carpet. Of course nobody would look here.
Time to remove the carpet and see what is under there. They found this old safe. Wonder what is in it.
He pulled the cap off and found this secret safe.
Here you can see the locksmith trying to open up the safe. He said afterwards that if he would have known what he was getting into, he would have referred the job to another person. He had to keep all of his weight above the drill and because it is in a closet, there wasn’t a lot of room to move about.

After some serious work and dedication, success!    
A few years back, there was a pipe leak in the home. Some of that moisture was still suck in the safe. It looked like these were bricks piled up on top of each other, but they were wet, so it was hard to tell.
This looks like a book from either 1937 or 1987. There were tons of these books stuffed into the safe. The moisture made the covers pretty mushy, but all in all the coins were in great shape.
There were tons of coin books. They had no idea there were so many because they thought they had found all of them.
This is about 1/3 of the boxes from the safe. They piled them on top of the kitchen table so they could keep track of what they found and also because there isn’t a lot of space in that closet.

They also found stacks of soaking wet money. I hope they can separate it and let it dry out. 

They also found rolls of coins. The ones that were wrapped in plastic were just fine, but a lot of them were wrapped in paper. With the water issues, those didn’t last long, but the coins are still okay. 

They stacked everything up so they could keep a running inventory of their treasures.
There were quite a few of these coins. There are a lot of silver dollars that were preserved with their protective cases. 
They even found some bars of silver. What a find!

They found this toolbox too. It was very rusty, but they were able to get it open and found that it was full of jewelry.

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