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A Lynwood man is accused of raping a young woman as she was dying from an overdose, then trying to hide the evidence. 
The Daily Herald reports Brian Roberto Varela, 19, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of rape, manslaughter and homicide by a controlled substance.
Varela was reportedly snorting pills and taking “dabs,” concentrated marijuana oil, with Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, during a party at his home Saturday night when she passed out. 
He texted photos of the unconscious teen to a group of friends adding, “LOL I think she OD’d, still breathing.” He wrote that he'd been having sex with her to “pass the time,” court documents said.
In the morning, he allegedly told his roommate he needed help, then showed him Noceda’s body lying on his bed. His roommate said he told Varela to call police. 
Valera decided to work a double shift at Dairy Queen instead.
At work, he showed a coworker photos from the night of the party and apparently seemed to brag about the teen dying as they were having sex. He reportedly told his coworker he planned on burying the victim, a high school student, in a plastic bin somewhere north of Everett. 
The suspect said he wanted to take Noceda to a hospital, but he got too tired and fell asleep, court documents said.
His coworker contacted authorities on Tuesday after seeing a Facebook post from the victim’s mom that said she had been missing since Saturday.
Deputies surrounded his home later that day. They found the teen stuffed in a plastic bin.
They interviewed Varela and he told them about the party, the pills and the dabs. He told them the young woman passed out very quickly after mixing the drugs, and she seemed dazed during sex. He said he found her dead the next morning. 
After she died,  authorities said he used her thumb to unlock her iPhone and made a post on her Snapchat to make it look like she was running away from home. He got rid of the phone, then researched how to get rid of a body online. 
The victim’s mother Gina Pierson told authorities he had recently been kicked out of his parents’ house because of his drug use and “gang lifestyle,” according to a report. 
Varela appeared in court on Wednesday. His bail is set at $500,000.

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