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A crazy case involving one man who said his former boss who he blew the whistle on threw feces at him and threatened to cremate him alive. Barry Taul is the whistle blower responsible for uncovering over $1 million stolen from the federal government.
A jury found Taul's former employer liable for violating the false claim act and paying kickbacks. Taul had worked for Abanks Mortuary and Crematory in 2006 not knowing he was walking into a billing scheme that his lawyer said put his life in danger.
In June 2009, Taul walked into that mortuary and heard voices talking about some sort of money arrangement with Alabama Organ Center.
“Hey, if you guys want to keep receiving 10 percent we're going to have to pad these bills a little more,” attorney Larry Golston said.
Taul's attorney said his then boss Jed Nagel confessed to him about working with the former Associate Director and Director of Alabama Organ Center to fabricate how far they were traveling to pick up dead bodies to get more federal money in miles, while also overcharging the center.
“Let's say they take them to Tuscaloosa while he might say I took them to Dothan. Or lets he takes them to Montgomery and says he took them to Mobile. They are using federal dollars to enrich themselves that cost you that costs me that costs all the taxpayers,” said Golston.
The terror following that conversation soon began for Taul and lasted 3 months before he quit. The lawsuit said his boss threatened to kill him if he said anything, it goes on to say he'd even cremate him alive.
“He was constantly physically, slapped, pushed, punched he actually threw a catheter on him of bodily fluids,” Golston said.
Despite all that, Taul exposed the illegal acts to authorities and all though Nagel was acquitted of criminal charges in 2016, he was found responsible for the fraud in civil court.
“My client, Mr. Taul, I think he showed a lot of courage and a lot of guts for him to come forward,” said Golston.
As far as Nagel's co-conspirators, the former Associate Director and Director of Alabama Organ Center pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges in 2011, serving more than a year in prison for each count.
Next week, a judge next will decide on the dollar amount of the damages.

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