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There’s one type of home you don’t really expect to find crumbling in an abandoned and decaying state– such as the ones that belonged to heads of state or government, for example. 
Takieddin el-Solh, Prime Minister of Lebanon from 1973-74 and briefly again in 1980, was a man of a great intellect and charisma and was considered amongst one of the best Prime Ministers the country ever had. However, he was faced with extensive objection by the Syrians and was told to leave Lebanon. He lived out his last days in Paris where he died in 1988.

Urbex explorer Craig Finlay of “Abandoned but Not Forgotten” spotted the Prime Minister’s former mansion from the street on a trip to Beirut several years ago…

“[I]… went in with my friend Michel as translator in case we ran into anyone. It took a bit of jimmying to force the door … It turns out the mansion used to be the home of Takieddin el-Solh ( 1908 – 1988) Lebanese Sunni politician who served as Prime Minister … I’m assuming he abandoned the place during the civil war and moved to a more secure location. The house is in the Sunni section, but was within easy artillery distance of the Green Line.”

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