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A Washington state couple was found dead in their home after one of their sons called police concerned for his parent’s safety.
Jared Standley, 21, was kicked out of his parent’s home before he returned to allegedly shoot his father and beat his mother to death, according to The News Tribune.
He was charged on Monday with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in the deaths of his parents, Steven Standley, 55, and Theresa Standley, 56, the newspaper reported.
Jared’s brother was concerned for the couple’s safety after his father called him to say that he was going to talk to Jared and expressed his suspicion that the 21-year-old had a gun, according to a Facebook post by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.
When Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Standley’s home they noticed a bullet hole through a window near the front door, the post read.
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Theresa Standley, 56, was allegedly beaten to death by her son, Jared
Jared was not at the house by the time authorities arrived and checked the home and surrounding areas. They eventually found him after tracking down his rental car at a Comfort Inn.
Detectives allegedly “became involved in a shooting” with Jared which led him to be hit in the shoulder with a nonlife-threatening injury. 
“We knew he wasn’t going to be taken alive; he kind of made threats like that,” Troyer told KOMONews.
When police interviewed Jared, he allegedly told them he killed his parents because he “hates them that much,” according to The News Tribune.
He claimed he beat his mother with a bat several times in the head and proceeded to wrap her in a tarp. When his father came home, he attempted to get him inside, the outlet reported.
“The defendant said he was trying to get his father into the house so he could shoot him quietly or could stab him with a knife,” Jared Aussere, a deputy prosecutor, wrote in a declaration according to the newspaper.
“…As his father attempted to push the door closed to prevent Jared Standley from entering, he shot his father in the head, through the glass on the door.”

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