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Christopher Lyle said he's tired of the discrimination against him.
A video obtained by NJ.com appears to show Howard Finkelstein, a professor at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, yelling at the 23-year-old student in class and telling him "f--- your life" on April 11. Lyle told the outlet that he argued people can be sexually assaulted regardless of gender — and that Finkelstein went into a rant after the student tried to give a personal example.
The college student said this is far from the first time his sociology professor has singled him out for his conservative beliefs during class, which is titled "Sociology 105, Intercultural Communication: The Person and the Process."
“He’s constantly called me into his office," Lyle told Fox News, "and told me I can’t speak in his class because of my beliefs. ... He constantly talks about white privilege and how I have privilege because I’m a white male. I don’t believe that. I work 50 hours a week and attend class, and he tells me to ‘shut the f--- up.’”
Lyle also alleged in an interview with NJ.com that Finkelstein has said the student's conservative ideals are "the reason America is not great" and ordered him to "shut up" during class. 
Finkelstein didn't answer a request for comment from both NJ.com and The Asbury Park Press.
Joey Smith, another student in the sociology class, said he sometimes disagrees with Lyle's conservative beliefs. But the 26-year-old student told The Asbury Park Press that Finkelstein has a fixation on the conservative student that reduces the quality of the class.
“Chris is a part of his lesson plan,” Smith said. “He’ll ask Chris a question, then try to convince Chris in front of the class what is right and wrong.
“I’m paying to get an education and I’m watching him preach to another student," he added. "I’m not learning anything there."
Avis McMillion, a spokeswoman for the college, told The Asbury Park Press that the school is continuing to look into the matter and can't comment until the investigation is complete. Lyle first submitted an official complaint about the teacher on April 11, McMillion said, and the head of the sociology department reached out to him early this week.
But Lyle told Fox News that the school just targeted him for another conservative position the day after the Finkelstein's recorded rant.
A school official made Lyle take a mental health test, he alleged, and asked whether he owned any guns. According to Fox News, Lyle complained in an earlier class that it's hard to buy a gun in New Jersey while following state law.
Christopher Jeune, student conduct and compliance director, called "many" of the accusations "false and wholly inaccurate."
“Brookdale Community College is fully cognizant of the Second Amendment and the rights it affords and does not discriminate against anyone based on his/her beliefs,” Jeune told Fox News in a statement. “It is in the best interest of all members of our community for the college to do its due diligence when a student or employee mentions firearms during the process of an investigation.”
Lyle said he first brought up his concerns with Finkelstein's teaching to the professor himself and then tried to do the same with higher-ups at the college. That didn't help, he told the Asbury Park Press, and the alleged targeting continued. 
But the student decided he'll just keep going to class to send a message.
"I have to stand up for myself and my beliefs," Lyle told NJ.com. "I pay money to learn. I don't pay money to get lectured on my beliefs."

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