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Americans are skeptical whether the significance behind democratic freedoms is still in place, a new survey suggests.
The Pew Research Center (PRC) examined American respondent's thoughts on the current state of the country in a survey titled "The Public, the Political System andAmerican Democracy." This survey is a part of a larger year-long study, called "Facts, Trust and Democracy." To determine its results, the organization assessed the answers of more than 4,600 U.S. adults between January and February.
"Pew Research Center has examined how people think about democracy, trust in institutions, and the role of information in society for more than a decade," PRC's website read. "In light of current debates about the state of the democratic process and the importance of truth, the Center has further deepened its focus on public attitudes about the role of trust and facts in democracy."
Through this survey, participants were asked to assert whether each principle listed was "very important to the country" and "described the country well." As a result, 84 percent of respondents said "rights and freedoms being respected" is a highly significant issue in the U.S., but only 47 percent suggested this relates well to the country. Surveyors then discovered 74 percent of participants believe "people are free to peacefully protest" is valued nationwide, with 73 percent indicating this is true to today's country.
The most startling result stemmed from a question regarding the ability for elected officials to face serious consequences for engaging in misconduct. For this, 83 percent of participators agreed that this is a significant issue within America. But only 30 percent believe this was represented well in today's political state. (Chart via Statista)
Since President Donald Trump succeeded former President Barack Obama in January 2017, many citizens have criticised his behavior. Trump's Twitter rantsaside, he was accused of working with Russia to rig the 2016 Presidential Election—an incident that's birthed an investigation from attorney Robert Mueller. He's additionally been accused of sexual misconduct and participating in an affair with a pornographic actress, which resulted in the star filing a defamation lawsuit against him in April. Incidents of this caliber, and many more, have consequently caused the American public to distrust the government.
In May 2017, a PRC survey suggested that only two in 10 Americans place trust in the government. These results are near an all-time historic low, with Republicans being 28 percent more likely to trust the government than Democrats, who are at 15 percent. 

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