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Advertising agency Karmarama recreated the famous 1914 “Lord Kitchener Wants You” poster in meat for Colman's Mustard. The 1914 poster featured British Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener calling upon Britons to the join the country’s effort in the First World War. With this beautiful imitation, Karmarama hopes to motivate customers to eat Colman’s mustard along with meat.
colmans-mustard (1)
The whole setup took over 18 hours of cooking and was pieced together by food stylist Peta O'Brian using 16 types of meat.
The ad features the following: 
Breaded Ham 
Beef Carpaccio 
Ginger Pig Bacon 
Beef Skirt 
Roast Duck 
Chicken Breast 
Fillet Steak 
Beef Steak 
Bacon Joint 
Leg of Lamb 
Plus duck wings for the ears.

colmans-mustard (3)

colmans-mustard (4)

colmans-mustard (5)
colmans-mustard (6)

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