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An Oregon man was stabbed nearly 20 times and left for dead Sunday night. His daughter says he was just was trying to protect his neighborhood.
KPTV reports emergency crews were called to a northeast Portland area just after 6 p.m. They discovered Kasey Lebechuck suffering from severe and life-threatening injuries.
Todd Schneider, 25, was arrested on assault charges.
Lebechuck's daughter, Kayla McNeel, said her father nearly died.
“He is lucky to be alive. He was stabbed 17 times, so I mean he got him everywhere. Lungs, eyes, his stomach, his back, his head,” Kayla McNeel said.
In a post on a GoFundMe page, McNeel called her father a "hard-working man who was trying to protect his neighborhood."
Neighbors confirmed Lebechuck was known for confronting homeless people camping in bushes near his home. Residents said people had been living in tents there, on and off, for a few years.
“We found out a couple weeks ago that he was going down and talking to any homeless people down there, or motor people in motor homes that would park there, and would tell them they couldn’t stay there,” Becky Gibson said. “We told him we thought he was nuts, but you know appreciated that somebody would take the incentive to do that."
“He just always stays on top of it because he doesn’t want them taking over his neighborhood,” McNeel said.
On the night of the attack, McNeel said her father approached Schneider and told him he was camping on a restricted spot. Schneider reached into his backpack, claiming he needed to get his phone, but instead pulled out a knife.
Lebechuck managed to stumble to a neighbor's porch.
“They were able to call 911, so if they weren’t home, he wouldn’t have made it, they said. So they truly saved his life,” McNeel said.

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