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Terrell Frederick used the Americans with Disabilities Act to make money and now he, his attorney and third-party law firm are in trouble. 
In 2017, News 5 Investigates uncovered an elaborate scheme to extort money from local business owners. 
One case went to federal court and in a bombshell ruling, the magistrate judge has recommend possible jail time for the plaintiffs. 
Over a two-week time period, Frederick filed 43 nearly identical lawsuits against Colorado Springs businesses, alleging they weren't complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
In several cases filed, Frederick claimed the business discriminated against him and his family because the doors took more than 5 lbs. of force to open, but the cyclist with no known disability had no issue opening his apartment door and then shutting it in Chief Investigative Reporter Eric Ross' face after he started asking questions. 
Ross asked, "Can we talk to you about the lawsuits you filed," 
"No," Frederick said. 
News 5 has given Frederick numerous opportunities to explain his motive behind filing 43 cases, but he has refused. 
"This is a scam," attorney Bruce Wright said. 
7 days after suing Panda Express, Frederick's attorney sent a letter demanding the Chinese food chain pay $2,750 to drop the lawsuit. 

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