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British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the fictional character Sherlock Holmes, confronted several men who allegedly tried to rob a food delivery man in London.
The life-imitating-art incident saw the 41-year-old actor jumping to the rescue of a Deliveroo cyclist, who was being attacked by four men.
According to British reports on Friday (June 1), the gang attacked the cyclist and even smashed a bottle on his head.
Meanwhile, Mr Cumberbatch, who was riding in an Uber with his wife Sophie Hunter, jumped from the car and intervened.
Reports said Mr Cumberbatch yelled at the group, saying: "Leave him alone."
He then dragged the four men off the cyclist, and was almost punched by the men, but managed to dodge the attack.
The gang then fled the scene, which, incidentally, took place near the fictional home of popular character Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street.
The Uber driver, who was taking Mr Cumberbatch and his wife to a club, said: "The cyclist was lucky, Benedict's a hero."
Mr Manuel Dias, 53, was also quoted by The Sun as saying that he did not know he was ferrying Cumberbatch in his Uber car at first.
As the car was about to turn into Marylebone High Street, they saw four guys pushing around a Deliveroo cyclist, said Mr Dias.
"My passenger jumped out, ran over and pulled the men away. They turned towards him and things look like they were getting worse, so I joined in."
It was only after Mr Cumberbatch yelled at the group that Mr Dias realised it was the Doctor Strange actor.
He added it was "surreal". "Here was Sherlock Holmes fighting off four attackers just round the corner from Baker Street," said Mr Dias.
The pair then worked together to fend off the attackers, and afterwards, Mr Benedict asked if the cyclist was okay, according to Mr Dias. When he said he was okay, the actor then hugged him, he added.
The Sun reported that police confirmed they were alerted to an assault on a delivery rider.
Mr Benedict was quoted by The Sun as saying: "I did it out of, well, I had to, you know."

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