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A 'drunk' Uber passenger launched a can of beer at her driver's head after an alleged argument spiraled out of control.
In a video posted on social media, driver Shalle K'naan, said the woman 'refused to leave the car' when he arrived at her destination and a heated exchange broke out.
He claims she was drinking beer during the journey and when he asked her to stop as it was against the rules, she refused.  
Footage captured in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shows the moment Uber driver K'naan filmed his passenger after she allegedly became aggressive.
The driver claimed that once the car reached the customer's destination, she refused to get out of the vehicle, causing Somali-born K'naan, who has also lived in Ukraine and Russia, to begin recording 'out of fear of [his] life'.
It appears the woman requested the wrong destination when hailing the vehicle on the Uber app and became irate when K'naan explained he could not take her to another place. 

After she refused to get out of the car, video footage shows the woman begging him to 'please take home, just take me home', as they parked in a retail outlet car park on October 12.
But when he refused due to her 'language' she angrily threw the can of Bud Light towards him, hitting the passenger side window and landing in the foot-well. 
K'naan featured in an Al Jazzera documentary about life as an immigrant in America called, A Somali in America, last year and was referred to as 'Ali' throughout the film. 
The clip starts with her saying 'I didn't cuss at you' with K'naan replying, 'you have been saying all the F-words today'.
She then says, 'sir, tell me what I said', and the driver replied, 'OK this is where you can get out, this is where you have stopped'.
The women then says she does not have a phone with her so cannot call another Uber.
K'naan replied: 'But this is your stop and I cannot tolerate any more behavior like this, I'm tired, so ma'am you can get out please'.
Shocked, the woman adds, 'you are kidding me, can you take me home please', to which K'naan responds, 'no you have been cussing me all day, this is your address'.
She then hurls the can she had been holding towards him, sending beer squirting all over the seats, windscreen and dashboard of the car. 
As she exits the vehicle she adds: 'F*** you, you f****** ass****, f*** you, get me the f*** out of here.' She then slams the door before swearing at K'naan again. 
The driver then tells the camera, 'this is what happened, this woman is drunk, she brought a bottle of beer in my car'.
K'naan wrote on social media: 'I dropped this customer to her respective destination she requested through a ridesharing app (Uber).
'While in the car on her way to her final destination she was drinking a beer. I politely told her that Uber rules state that a customer cannot actively drink in the car.
'She refused to stop drinking and she begins cursing me out.' 
K'naan said the woman was much more aggressive towards him before he began recording her on his phone. 
He added: 'Once she saw I was about record her, she changed her aggressive behavior but didn't calm down.
'She asked me to take her home. I refused because I can no longer drive her beyond requested destination. She threw a can of beer at me and it hit my dashboard.'
Although the customer repeatedly swore at K'naan before leaving the scene, K'naan says he was simply doing his job.
He added: 'Uber rules say that you can't drive someone beyond their requested destination.
'When you reach the destination, whether the customer put the wrong address or not, I've done what is required of me and completed the trip and tell the customer to leave the car.'
Some social media users criticized him for not taking the distressed woman home, but he defended his actions saying she was verbally assaulting him during the journey. 
Maalinki Adam Hassanow posted: 'You are so inhuman my friend even if she is drunk how does that relate to taking her home.'
Abukar Alto Abukar added: 'She was begging you to take her home she told you that she doesn’t have a cellphone to request another uber. 
'I don’t know what she have done to you before you started recording I think you should take her where she was going so this wouldn’t happened.'
But Hu Si defended the driver, saying: 'It looks people who don't understand the business are quick in judging. 
'It is illegal to have open alcohol container in a car. If she reached the requested destination, then she needs to call for an update, otherwise the poor guy might be accused of kidnapping. This business especially when dealing with drunk customers.'
K'naan later wrote in a new Facebook post the same day: 'To all you people telling me I should have taken her home she was saying please this that, you don’t know the real story, it was only when I pulled my phone out and started to record her that her “nice” side came out. 
'Before the phone came out and the recording started there was too much unnecessary language being said to me and I had every right to not tolerate it. 
'As you all can see towards the end of the video her real side came out and clearly she was drunk off her ass, throwing a can of beer in my direction spilling in my car is not anything situation anyone will want to go through. 
'I own the car and I have every right to ask her to leave which I did politely. I reacted to the situation in the best way possible and to all that say I didn’t are just pure haters.'

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