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  • Death toll rose again eight days after an 7.5-magnitude earthquake led to a devastating tsunami in Indonesia
  • A thousand people could still be missing in the seaside city of Palu with international aid starting to arrive
  • Foreign aid has started to arrive but rescuers fear contamination from bodies decomposing under the rubble
Rescue workers and a soldier remove a victim of last week's earthquake in the Balaroa neighbourhood in Palu on Saturday as officials said the death toll had risen again
Indonesian and Japanese military personnel unload relief aid from a Japan Air Force plane
Residents walk towards the gate before boarding military airplanes for evacuations at the Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport in Palu, eight days after the devastating tsunami-quake
Satellite images show the devastating impact of the earthquake as ground turned to mud and houses were swept away 
Indonesian soldiers carry a dead body from the debris in Perumnas Balaroa village today 
Kusniran, 34, who lost her newborn baby Grace Suharso, at a floating hospital in Pantoloan
Indonesian people check for valuable items at a devastated area in Mamboro on Saturday 
A part of a collapsed mosque is seen along with debris at Perumnas Balaroa village today 
A victim of last week's earthquake is recovered in the Balaroa neighbourhood in Palu today 
People inspect the Palu Empat bridge that was destroyed during the devastating earthquake and tsunami eight days ago
Indonesian rescuers recover bodies from the debris in Palu eight days after the disaster 
Indonesian soldiers walk through debris at Perumnas Balaroa village as rescue work continues
The remains of a mosque destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami seen in Palu this morning 
A damaged boat is seen stranded on a beach in Mamboro today a week after the disaster 
A local resident inspects some ruins in Petobo, Palu, more than a week after the earthquake and tsunami hit the island 
Residents receive medical attention in Sigi, in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi, on Saturday in the aftermath of the tsunami 
A villager holds egg, rice and noodles during an aid distribution at the epicentre of the earthquake in Lende Tovea 
A US military aeroplane (top) leaves after sending humanitarian aid from the Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport in Palu
Hermawati, 44, cries near the area where her family members went missing at Perumnas Balaroa village in Indonesia today
A damaged mosque sits in the water near Talise beach in in Palu on Saturday 
An elderly woman boards a military plane for evacuation with the help of Indonesian police at the airport in Palu 
Displaced people queue for water at a temporary camp in Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Saturday 
An Indonesian search and rescue member walks near a collapsed mosque on Saturday 
Indonesian patients get medical treatment at the floating hospital KRI Soeharso on Saturday
Villagers build a temporary mosque at the epicentre of a devastating earthquake at Lende Tovea village in Donggala
Marines carry a patient into the floating hospital KRI Soeharso, run by the Indonesian navy
Residents wait to board a military plane for evacuation at the airport in Palu on Saturday afternoon 
A local resident navigates the ruins of Petobo in Palu with a clock seen at a damaged house 
A puppy is seen among the ruins of house at the epicentre of the devastating earthquake in Indonesia eight days ago
An Indonesian military airplane carrying residents of Palu leaves the Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport in Palu
A villager collects valuable goods for his new temporary shelter in Lende Tovea village in Donggala on Saturday 

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