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A Kentucky high school was placed on lockdown after a suspended Spanish teacher showed up on campus and threatened to 'f**k some s**t up', police said. 
Dusty Witherspoon, 35, has been charged with terroristic threatening and criminal trespassing. 
Witherspoon went to Bullitt Central High School, in Shepherdsville, on Wednesday morning, where she has been suspended for the last 20 days. 
A school administrator reminded Witherspoon that she could not be on school grounds. 
The teacher left but then used a different entrance to get in, according to WDRB.  
Witherspoon eventually left, but then sent a threatening text message to another school employee. 
'I'm about to f**k some s**t up,' the message read. 'If they wanna get ugly it's going to get reeeaaalll [sic] ugly. I'm at my limit, I've put up with enough s**t. I'm done.'  
School administrators then decided to place the school on a 'soft lockdown', in which the building is closed to 'all foot traffic' but 'instruction occurs as normal'.  
'The threat was not specific toward any of the students or any of the faculty or staff, but obviously it was very agitated, very aggressive, very angry,' said Shepherdsville Police Chief Rick McCubbin. 
'The threats definitely met the criteria of terroristic threatening.'  
One student said the principal came on the intercom and told everybody to immediately go to their next class.
'He sounded really nervous on the intercom,' the student said. 
'He was like "Everybody go straight to your next period, just wait in there, don't go to lunch, don't do anything.'"
'Everyone was really jittery and nervous and stuff.' 
An officer was stationed at the school while police tracked Witherspoon down. 
The lockdown was lifted at 1pm when the teacher was taken into custody and booked into Bullitt County Jail. 
Parents were updated during the ongoing lockout through the 'infinite campus messenger program', Superintendent Jesse Bacon said in a letter to the community. 
'We had no information at any time to suggest there was an immediate threat to the building, but to ensure that we were doing all we could to maintain the safety and security of our students and staff, we remained on a soft lockdown as a precaution,' he added. 
Bacon said the district cannot comment on Witherspoon's 'employment status with Bullitt County Public Schools at this time. 
'Appropriate action will be taken pending the outcome of the investigation,' he said. 
The school has not disclosed why Witherspoon was suspended in the first place. Her name has not been removed from the high school website's faculty page. 

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