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An Uber driver was charged on Wednesday with the alleged rape of an unconscious Boston woman during a ride that she had ordered home from her birthday party.
Michael Squadrito, 40, of Everett, Massachusetts was arrested by members of the Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit on Tuesday after allegedly forcing sex on a 'highly intoxicated' woman in the backseat of his car in the city of Dorchester, police said.
After Squadrito had allegedly raped the woman, she told police he woke her up and said, 'I finished, do you want me to pull your pants up for you?' according to the police report.
An investigation published in May by CNN revealed that at the time, 103 Uber drivers had been accused of sexual assault or abuse over the last four years.
Squadrito admitted to having sex with the woman, but said it was consensual.
He has pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape and is being held on a $10,000 bond.
His access to the Uber app has been rescinded, a spokesperson for the company told HuffPost.
The woman who said she was attacked had ordered an Uber to pick her up from Wild Rover, a karaoke bar in the Faneuil Hall area of downtown Boston, the Boston Globe reported.
Squadrito arrived as her driver. She was 'highly intoxicated,' she told police, when he picked her up.
Squadrito then allegedly drove her to a one-way street, where he got out of the car and got into the back seat with her, got on top of her and had sex with her without her consent.
'She remembered the suspect getting on top of her and seeing her jeans and underwear pulled all the way down to her ankles, and remembered the suspect feeling heavy on top of her,' prosecutor Darcy Carey said in Dorchester District Court on Wednesday. 
After he allegedly finished having he was with the woman and awakened her, the woman told police she got out of the car to 'get away from the suspect as soon as possible' and went for treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where she contacted authorities.
Squadrito, who remained out of public view during his arraignment on Wednesday, admitting to have sex with the woman but said it was consensual.
He said video from the inside of his car would show that she asked him for sex.
Police obtained a memory card from Squadrito, which prosecutors said did not show any evidence that the interaction was consensual.
Through a spokesperson, Uber said: 
'What’s been reported is deeply disturbing and our thoughts are with the rider during this difficult time. The driver’s access to the app has been removed and we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement.'
Squadrito was represented on Wednesday by court-appointed attorney Nancy Hurley, who argued in her client's defense that the woman was intoxicated to the point that she could not remember portions of the evening, WDHD reported.
Hurley insinuated that she the woman would therefore not know whether she consented due to being inebriated.
But according to Mass.gov, the commonwealth of Massachusetts recognizes lack of consent explicitly due to intoxication in rape cases.
In such a case, 'The prosecution must prove not only intoxication, but 1) that the intoxication rendered the complainant incapable of consent and 2) that the defendant knew or should have known that the condition rendered the complainant incapable of consenting.'
In 2015, Squadrito was arrested for paying for sex in Chelsea, Massachusetts, but those charges were later dropped.
Uber has a long history of a toxic corporate culture, rife with sexual misconduct allegations, and many reports of drivers attacking passengers.
In October, Fredrick Gaston, 51, one of the company's drivers in Miami admitted to what he told police was 'good sex' with a intoxicated 26-year-old woman he picked up for a ride. 
'He said that those are the perks of being an Uber driver. You get a lot of p**sy,' Special Victims Det. Michelle Farinas said, according to the Miami New Times.
Gaston has been charged with felony sexual battery and kidnapping. His next hearing date is January 10.
With these allegations against Gaston in Florida and Squadrito in Massachusetts, there have now been at least 105 allegations of sexual assault and abuse against Uber drivers in the past four years, according to CNN.
The next hearing in Squadrito's case has been set for November 21.

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