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Day by day, story by story, the leftist media is inching dangerously closer to becoming full-blown propaganda.
For anyone who has been paying even remote attention to the media’s abhorrent behavior lately, this isn’t exactly news.
Whether its blatant hypocrisy and favoritism or unhinged attacks on all things Trump-related, it certainly feels like fairness and journalistic integrity have died a sudden and violent death.
I mean, how can anyone possibly defend the inherent biases and misleading narrative present in this article from The Hill?
The newspaper took it upon itself to take an absolutely tragic story and somehow twist it into anti-Trump propaganda while conveniently leaving out details that would otherwise destroy their leftist narratives. 
Citing a Friday article from The Salt Lake Tribune, The Hill reported on a Utah man and his son who were beaten in their own tire shop on Tuesday morning.
Jose Lopez and his son Luis Gustavo Lopez were attacked by a man, Alan Dale Covington, who wielded a pole and shouted, according to the Tribune. The attacker yelled that he was “here to kill a Mexican,” the Tribune reported.
The son took the very worst of the attack, as he was hit in the face and ultimately admitted to the intensive care unit. Luis Gustavo reportedly suffered a shattered cheekbone and eye socket with a collapsed sinus to boot. The images circulating of Luis Lopez on social media are grim, to say the least.
“I hate Mexicans,” Covington reportedly yelled as he was attacking. “I f—ing hate Mexicans… I’m here to kill a Mexican!” 

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