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The James Bond franchise is getting another SJW dissection at the University of Oklahoma's College of Arts and Sciences where a Women and Gender Studies spring course will analyze the films from a feminist perspective.
According to Campus Reform, the three-credit "Gender and James Bond" class will "will focus and analyze the James Bond series in full, from the 'heroic masculinity' of the main character and theme of the films, to how different sexes, genders, national orientation and other forms of identity are represented in the Bond series."
The course will explore four different aspects of the James Bond franchise, primarily gender and intersectionality. The first will focus on how "heroism and villainy" are represented in the franchise and how that relates to the "performance and intersectionality of gender, race, class, nationality, and sexual orientation." The second will focus on the cultural impact of the franchise, from video games to cartoons. Arguably, the "Goldeneye" N64 game from the 1990s is the most popular James Bond video game ever produced.
The course will then explore the "problematic representation" of women in the franchise by focusing on the amorphous Bond Girl, the authoritative M, and the secretarial Miss Moneypenny. The final focus will be on the franchise reboots of the 2000s and how the franchise transformed to fit with the times.
“Ultimately, the goal of this course is to explore the ongoing commercial viability of the James Bond franchise and explore the popular cultural impact of its films," says the course description.
The course will be taught by Lisa Funnell, Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Center of Social Justice at the University of Oklahoma. She has "written several books on the subject of representation not only in the James Bond films, but also the study of gender, race, and nationality in general Hollywood films and Hong Kong martial arts film."
Students in the course will also be required to read Funnell's book, For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond.
The push by SJWs to make James Bond a woke vehicle for political sermonizing has increased rapidly over the years, with many asserting that the iconic character be changed to a woman or even a transgender person. At one time, British actor Idris Elba was being floated as a potential first black man to play James Bond.
Speaking to the Sunday Times of London, actor Dominic West said that the high-presence of transgender individuals in the U.K.'s armed services should justify such a person playing 007.
"They should have a transgender Bond because there are a lot of transgender people in the army. That’s actually a brilliant idea," West said.
As noted by The Daily Wire's Emily Zanotti, however, activists hoping to see a woke trans Bond will not get their wish anytime soon because the Broccoli family, the franchise's longtime producers, have long stated they have no desire to make the switch.
"Bond is male," executive producer Barbara Broccoli told the Guardian. "He’s a male character. He was written as a male and I think he’ll probably stay as a male."

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