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Liberals tend to be emotional and irrational, and that was perfectly demonstrated by a feminist whose meltdown was caught on tape.
The woman’s hysterics were recorded during last week’s Women’s March in Los Angeles and shared on the Fog City Midge YouTube channel.
The footage starts off with an encounter between the feminist — who had a shaved, tattooed head with a small mohawk — and a man at the march.
“F— you,” she yelled. “You disrespect women. You disrespect women like that? What the f— is wrong with you?”
It seems like the guy was trying to have a discussion about gender equality, but the woman was yelling over him.

“Look, it’s a free world. You want 50/50?” the man said before she interrupted him.
“No, I want the whole f—ing thing, motherf—er! F— you!” she screamed in response.
That’s when a man in a “Make America Great Again” hat showed up.
The woman’s attitude completely changed. She gave the Trump supporter a hug and began speaking calmly — but it didn’t take long for her to complain about his hat.
“Think about your hat and the way it makes people feel because it incites fear in all those around us,” she said. “Every person is afraid of that hat. I am afraid of that hat.”
It’s easy to tell that this feminist isn’t used to being around people with different opinions. Like many liberals, she seems to be stuck in an echo chamber where facts don’t apply.
President Donald Trump is popular outside of liberal cities like Los Angeles, so it’s quite a stretch to say “every person” is afraid of the “MAGA” hat.
But it’s not a stretch to say only people with severe problems are afraid of hats.
The Trump supporter tried to explain that he doesn’t believe the media’s narrative about Trump being racist.
The feminist fired back with quite a statement.
“But as a human being, we should pay attention to fear and not logic,” she said.
Wow. Conservatives already know that liberals put feelings over facts and logic, but those on the left usually aren’t this explicit about it.
“Emotions are the only thing that are real in this world,” the woman said.
This unhinged feminist acted out the left’s typical fearmongering tactics — calling Trump a racist and rejecting any semblance of logic.

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