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Teenage girls are accused of throwing large objects at McDonald’s employees in Moreno Valley, Tenn., after they were asked to leave the children’s play area. According to police, the damage cost thousands of dollars.
“I was about to get hit in the head. They were throwing them pretty high too, like they had no aim,” said employee Dexter Forbes Jr., according to CBSLA. Forbes claims that the teens broke a monitor during the fight.
A 28-year-old mother claims that she asked the teens to leave the kids’s clubhouse, where her two- and five-year-old daughters were playing. “[They were] telling me to get up and fight them, and I said I’m not gonna fight you,” the woman, who chose to remain anonymous, told the local news station. 
The woman claims that after she refused to fight the teens, they started to throw cups of water and ice.
“They kept wanting to fight me, they all started hitting me and my two little girls were crying,” she said. “My dad realized that they were on me and he pulled me away.” The mother was treated for minor injuries.
A manager at the McDonald’s said he couldn’t talk about the incident, and referred CBSLA to another manager, who did not immediately respond to their request for comment. Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to the fast food chain as well. 
Following the incident, the teens took off and were not found. The police report that they perpetrators caused nearly $1,000 in damage.

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