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It’s common to see people troll those they don’t agree with online – but trolling your own kid? Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly of The Jesse Kelly Show on KPRC-AM 950 in Houston, was held under fire over the weekend for a series of tweets in which he trolled his own son for his participation in the Lego robotics tournament.
According to Buzzfeed, the event is a competition for kids to program autonomous robots to complete tasks. While watching his 10-year-old son compete, Kelly, shot off a series of tweets that mocked the competition and seemed to allude to some embarrassment over his son’s participation. The troll job was met with a hoard of negative reactions and support for his kid. Scroll down below to read all of Kelly’s tweets and people’s reactions.

Image credits: JesseKellyDC
Image credits: JesseKellyDC
Image credits: Nic McPhee (not the actual photo)
Image credits: JesseKellyDC
Image credits: JesseKellyDC
Image credits: JesseKellyDC

Most people were outraged with the tweets

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In response to the outrage, Jesse told Chron.com the entire incident was a joke and that he was not sorry he had done it. “I’ll probably do it again,” he told the outlet, “I think it’s hilarious, as does everyone with a sense of humor.”
Image credits: JesseKellyDC

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