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A California woman was miraculously pulled from the debris of her home after it slid 75 yards down a hill during a mudslide in Sausalito, California, on Thursday.
The mudslide dislodged the house sending it 'some distance' down a hill side before it slammed into another house, according to Southern Marin Fire Protection District Chief Chris Tubbs, as reported by NBC Bay Area.
The woman, who'd been sleeping at the time of the mudslide, was discovered by a rescue team who saw her hand poking through the wreckage.  
She was pinned within the debris of her home and covered from head to toe in mud.  
The woman was taken to a hospital with only minor injuries, according to firefighters. 
She is expected to make a full recovery. 
At least fifty homes in the area needed to be evacuated after the hillside gave way.

Captain Doug Paterson with the Southern Marin Fire Protection District told NBC the woman, who was screaming for help when rescuers found her, couldn't believe she had survived her ride down the hill.
'Based on what we saw and the condition of the home, we didn't think anybody would survive that,' Paterson said. 
The mudslide destroyed at least two homes, with that number expected to rise, along with five vehicles. 
Strong weather has been hitting the west coast of California due to an atmospheric river for the passed week, saturating hills and raising river levels. 

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